Suzuki Grand Vitara SQ416/SQ420/420WD

since 1998 release

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Suzuki Grand Vitara
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Suspension bracket

Forward suspension bracket

General description

  • All fasteners of a forward suspension bracket are very important as work of the main parts and systems depends on them, and/or they can affect repair price. In need of their replacement it is necessary to use only details with the same number or similar details. Never use suitable details of more poor quality for replacement. To provide good fastening of a detail at its replacement it is necessary to use the specified values of the moment of an inhaling.
  • Never try to heat, temper or straighten any parts of a forward suspension bracket. Replace the damaged part new, otherwise it will break.

The forward suspension bracket represents an independent suspension bracket on racks. The top end of a rack fastens to a body rack support. The rack and its support are isolated from each other by a rubber mandrel.

The lower end of a rack connects to the top end of a rotary pin, and the lower end of a rotary pin connects to a hairpin of a spherical tip which is a suspension bracket lever element. And this rotary pin connects to a tip of steering draft.

Thus, the movement of a steering wheel is transferred to a tip of steering draft, and then to a pin, forcing to move wheels.

1 — a body
2 — a rack
3 — a rotary pin
4 — the suspension bracket lever (the lower lever)

5 — a hairpin with a spherical tip
6 — the wheel bearing
7 — a shaft axis drive flange
8 — a wheel